2011. Puerta del Sol, Madrid, España.

Hee Yoon Andrés Kwon

Born in Seoul, South Korea. 

Moved to Newark, DE in 1993. Attended West Park Place Elementary School, where he discovered what comes after A, B, and C. 

Learned how to write his name the night before getting on his first school bus. With support from school administrators, teachers, friends, and tutors, figured out the language. Moved back to Korea in 11 months. 

Majored in Spanish in high school, which led to majoring in Spanish literature in college and going to Salamanca, Spain for exchange semester, changing course of life. Traveled Spain for 5 weeks twice. Walked the Camino de Santiago from Salamanca. Survived being hit by a speeding taxi in Seoul. Wrote a master's thesis on the imperatives of an integrated coastal management legislation in Chile. Then took another turn to go to business school in the USA for a Ph.D in supply chain management. Enjoys dynamically incorporating research into teaching, and vice versa. 

Worked as tutor, translator, interpreter for various people, organizations, and occasions. 

Videogamer since 1995. Huge fan of Star Wars and Harry Potter. 

Took vocal lessons from age of 6. Member of multiple choruses and choirs throughout life. Conducted Choir for 4 years. Sung at multiple weddings and functions. Still sings - in the shower, for his 20-month-old son.